A person who obstructs the authorized officer in the performance of his official duties shall pay a penalty of:

A. Rs. 25,000/-

B. 100% of the amount of tax involved

C. A & B whichever is higher

D. None of these


Any person who denies or obstructs the access of an authorized officer to the business premises, registered office or to any other place where records are kept, or otherwise refuses access to the stocks, accounts or records or fails to present the same when required under section 25, 38 or 38A; Such person shall pay a penalty of twenty five thousand rupees or one hundred per cent of the amount of tax involved, whichever is higher. He shall, further be liable, upon conviction by a Special Judge, to imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine which may extend to an amount equal to the amount of tax involved, or with both. 

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