All refunds have to be claimed within ____ years(s).

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Section (66) Refund to be claimed within one year: No refund of tax claimed to have been paid or over paid through inadvertence, error or misconstruction or refund on account of input adjustment not claimed within the relevant tax period, shall be allowed, unless the claim is made within one year of the date of payment: Provided that in a case where a registered person did not deduct input tax within the relevant tax period, the Collector may, after satisfying himself that input tax adjustment is due and admissible, allow the registered person to take such adjustment in the tax period as specified by the Collector:

Provided further that in a case where the refund has become due on account of any decision or judgement of any officer of sales tax or court or the Tribunal, the period of one year shall be reckoned from the date of judgment or decision of such officer, court or Tribunal:

Provided further that the application or claim filed under this section shall be disposed of within a period not exceeding ninety days from the date of filing of such application or claim. 

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