Board may appoint a person to electronically file a return on behalf of a registered person under Section:

A. 50

B. 52A

C. 52

D. 53


Section (52A) e-intermediaries to be appointed: (1) Subject to such conditions, limitations and restrictions, the Board may, by a notification in the official Gazette, appoint a person to electronically file return under Chapter V and such other documents electronically, as may be prescribed from time to time, on behalf of a person registered under section 14.

(2) A person registered under section 14 may authorize an e-intermediary to electronically file return or any other documents, as specified in sub-section (1).

(3) The return or such other documents filed by an e-intermediary on behalf of a registered person shall be deemed to have been filed by that registered person.

(4) Where this Act requires anything to be done by the registered person and if such thing is done by an e-intermediary authorized by the registered person under sub-section (2), unless the contrary is proved, shall be deemed to have been done with the knowledge and consent of such registered person so that in any proceedings under this Act, the registered person shall be liable as if the thing has been done by him.

(5) Where an e-intermediary, authorized by a registered person under subsection (2) to act on his behalf, knowingly or willfully submits a false or incorrect information or document or declaration with an intent to avoid 

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