Board may prescribe the use of the computerized system under section.

A. 50

B. 50A

C. 49

D. 49A

Detail of Mcqs:

Section 50A. Computerized system:

(1) The Board may prescribe the use of computerized system for carrying out the purposes of this Act, including the receipt of applications for registration, returns and such other declarations or information required to be provided under this Act and the rules made thereunder, from such date and for such registered persons or class of persons as the Board may, by notification in the official Gazette, specify.

(2) The Board may make rules for regulating the conduct and transaction of business in relation to the submission of returns or other information to the Board by the persons required to transmit or receive any information through the computerized system, including matters such as grant of authorization, suspension and cancellation of authorization and for security of the information transmitted or received through the computerized system.

(3) Unless otherwise proved, the information received in the computerized system from or on behalf of any registered person shall, for all official and legal purposes, be deemed to have been furnished by and received from such registered person. 

(4) The business information gathered through computerized system shall be confidential to be used only for official and legal purposes and no unauthorized person shall claim for any access to such information. 

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