Pakistan signed Canal Pact with India on?

A. 4 May, 1948

B. 5 May, 1948

C. 6 May, 1948

D. None of these


Pakistan signed Canal Pact with India on 4 May, 1948. According to that agreement East and West Punjab recognized their requirement to solve the problem through support and alliance. Inter dominion conference resolve many of the issues and Pakistan planned that the issue be submitted to international level, the court of justice or UN Security council. In dispute settlement, India refused to involve any third world country, also said that inter dominion agreement should be made everlasting. Now the David Lilienthal, former chairman of the Tennessee valley visited the basin area, urged the World Bank to demonstrate its interest in conflict between India and Pakistan. Although India criticized the involvement of World Bank but continued his negotiation with reservations and after eight months treaty was signed on Sep 19, 1960 known as Indus Basin Water Treaty. Pakistan was represented by president Ayub khan while Prime Minister Pundit Jawahir Lal Nehru represented India. According to that agreement Pakistan received exclusive rights of the three western rivers the Jhelum, the Chenab and the Indus while India got three eastern rivers the Beas, the Sutlej and the Ravi. In order to utilize the water of these rivers, two Dams, five barrages and seven canals would be built. Apart of cost was to be paid by India and remaining amount was to be met by Pakistan. This treaty considered as “well worked out” treaty and the both countries interpreted it in a different way.

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