Taxable activity means any ___ activity carried by a person whether or not for profit.

A. Financial

B. Fiscal

C. Monetary

D. Economic

Detail of Mcqs

Section (2), Sub Section (35) define “Taxable activity”, means any economic activity carried on by a person whether or not for profit, and includes:

(a) an activity carried on in the form of a business, trade or manufacture;

(b) an activity that involves the supply of goods, the rendering or providing of services, or both to another person;

(c) a one-off adventure or concern in the nature of a trade; and

(d) anything done or undertaken during the commencement or termination of the economic activity,

but does not include:

(a) the activities of an employee providing services in that capacity to an employer;

(b) an activity carried on by an individual as a private recreational pursuit or hobby; and 

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