The Sales Tax Officer authorized to hold inquiry shall maintain a register to be called:

A. Register of Arrests

B. Register of Detention

C. Register of Arrests and Detention

D. None of these


According to Section 37B, The Sales Tax Officer empowered to hold inquiry under this section shall maintain a register to be called "Register of Arrests and Detentions" in the prescribed form in which he shall enter the name and other particulars of every person arrested under this Act, together with the time and date of arrest, the details of the information received, the details of things, goods or documents, recovered from his custody, the name of the witnesses and the explanation, if any, given by him and the manner in which the inquiry has been conducted from day to day; and, such register or authenticated copies of its aforesaid entries shall be produced before the Special Judge, whenever such Officer is so directed by him.

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