Virachey National Park, that was recently making news, is located in which country?

A. Thailand

B. Malaysia

C. Cambodia

D. Singapore

Virachey National Park is one of the two Cambodian ASEAN Heritage Parks located at the northeastern part of the country and spanning across more than 3,000 square kilometres. It overlaps Ratanakiri and Stung Treng Provinces. The national park, under the jurisdiction of the Cambodian Ministry of Environment, consists of semi-evergreen lowlands, montane forests, upland savannah, and several patches of mixed deciduous forests.

Illegal logging is a major concern in this national forest since the 2000s, leading to a vast expanse of forest being degraded at an exponential scale. However, this situation has improved over the recent years. The rare sighting of giant muntjac in the recent months is the outcome of this progress.

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