Who is the Current Ambassador of Pakistan to Iran?

A. Shamshad Ahmed

B. Riffat Masood

C. Rahim Hayat Qureshi

D. None of the Above


Rahim Hayat Qureshi born in 1969 he holds Degrees of Master’s in International Relations and LLM. Ambassador Qureshi joined Foreign Service of Pakistan in 1992 has vast experience of diplomacy. He has served at various important positions in the Foreign Office and Pakistan’s Missions in Paris, Rome and New Delhi. He has extensive experience in dealing with the affairs of OIC, Europe and South East Asia. Since June, 2017 he has been serving as ambassador of Pakistan in the Republic of Korea. Qureshi has also served at the headquarters as Section Officer in OIC, UN, South East Asia Pacific, Americas, General Services and Europe Directorates, Director in Economic Coordination and Europe Divisions and Director General in Middle East and Policy Planning & Public Diplomacy Divisions. Riffat Masood, former Pakistan’s ambassador to Iran, left Tehran in November after completing her diplomatic mission.

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