Who is the first Pakistani transgender Lawyer?

A. Joyita Mondal

B. Nisha Rao 

C. Chistrine jorgensen

D. None of these


Nisha Rao is a Pakistani transgender lawyer, advocate and activist. In 2020, she became the first transgender law graduate in Pakistan. Rao was born in a middle-class family from Lahore, in the Punjab region, and had seven siblings. During her early years, she was enrolled at a private English medium school in Lahore. At age 14, Nisha realized she was different. She was never beaten by her parents for her feminine habits but she chose to leave her house after completing matric. She moved to Karachi for a fresh start. In Karachi, she began living with a transgender community in the Hijrat colony. Rao begged on the streets for a time to fund her expenditures. Throughout this time Rao told her family she was being financed independently for school in Karachi but was begging in the streets. She would beg from 8am to 3pm and take law classes from 4 to 9 pm. She earned her bachelor's degree at Karachi University. Rao is one of the few transgender people in Pakistan who chose to pursue higher education. After completing college, she enrolled in a BA program at Karachi University to specialize in International Relations. During this time, she befriended an advocate named 'Mudassir Iqbal', who, according to Rao, supported her in pursuing higher education. Nisha then decided to pursue higher studies and was admitted to Sindh Muslim Law College in 2015. The college's former principal, Mustafa Ali Mahesar, supported Nisha in her studies and also gave her private coaching in International Law. Rao graduated in 2018.

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