Economic effects are

A. Government Use Fiscal Policy to Influence the level of Aggregate Demand in the Economy. In an effort to achieve Economic Objectives of Price Stability, Full Employment, and Economic Growth

B. Keynesian Economic Suggestions that Increasing Government Sending and Decreasing Tax Rates are the Best Ways to Stimulate Aggregate Demand and Decreasing Spending & Increasing Taxes after the Economic Boom Begins

C. Keynesian Argue this Method be used in times of Recession or Low Economic Activity as an Essential tool for building the framework for strong Economic Growth and Working Towards full employment in Theory the Resulting Deficits Would be paid for by an expanded economy during the boom that would follow this Was the Reasoning behind the new Deal

D. Government can use a budget surplus to do two things to slow the pace of Strong Economic Growth and to Stabilize prices when inflation is too high Keynesian Theory Posits that removing spending from the Economy will reduce the level of Aggregate demand and Contract the Economy thus the economy will reduce levels of

E. All of these

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