Inspector Inland Revenue Sample Paper for FPSC Test

 1. That new process was Akbar's idea.

(A) Participle

(B) Gerund

(C) Complement

(D) Preposition

2. Najma took a little nap after dinner.

(A) Adjective

(B) Adverb

(C) Conjunction

(D) Noun

3. Kamran is capable of winning the competition.

(A) Gerund

(B) Participle

(C) Complement

(D) Preposition

Fill in the blanks with suitable option.

4. She took lessons _____ how to swim.

(A) learn

(B) for learning

(C) to learn

(D) learning

5. They succeeded by _____ hard.

(A) work

(B) working

(C) continuous work

(D) continuous working

6. General Sales Tax (GST) is charged on

(A) Selling Price

(B) Retail Price

(C) Manufacturing Cost

(D) None of these

7. Which Schedule of Section 13 of the Sales Tax Act 1990 includes a list of items on which no

sales tax is levied?

(A) Third Schedule

(B) Fourth Schedule

(C) Fifth Schedule

(D) Sixth Schedule

8. Custom duty is levied on goods

(A) imported into Pakistan

(B) exported from Pakistan

(C) transported through Pakistan

(D) A and B

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