World's Largest, Longest, Smallest and Tallest for general Knowledge

Here are list of World's Largest, Longest, Smallest and Tallest for general Knowledge  


Largest Planet: Jupiter

Largest Continent: Asia

Largest Ocean: Pacific

Largest Desert: Sahara

Largest Country by area: Russia

Largest Democracy: India

Largest Muslim Country by land area: Kazakhstan

Largest Island: Greenland

Largest Peninsula: Arabian Peninsula

Largest Lake: Caspian Sea

Largest Freshwater Lake: Superior

Largest Artificial Lake: Volta Lake

Largest Sea: Philippine Sea

Largest Bay (by area): Bay of Bengal

Largest Delta: Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta

Largest Gulf: Gulf of Mexico

Largest River: Amazon

Largest Railway Station: Grand Central Terminal of New York

Largest Active Volcano: Mauna Loa

Largest Library: Congress Library

Largest Glacier: Lambert

Largest Land Mammal: African Elephant

Largest Sea Mammal: Blue Whale

Largest International Organization: United Nations Organization

Largest Bird: Ostrich

Largest Army of the World: People's Republic of China

Largest Joint: Knee

Largest Bone: Femur

Largest Forest: Taiga

Longest Mountain Range: Andes

Longest Bridge: Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge

Longest Canal: The Grand Canal (China)

Longest River (Asia): Yangtze

Country with Longest Coastline: Canada

Longest Wall: Great Wall of China

Longest Cell: Nerve Cells


Smallest Planet: Mercury

Smallest Continent: Australia

Smallest Ocean: Arctic Ocean

Smallest Country by Area: Vatican City

Country with Smallest Population: Vatican City

Smallest Republic: Nauru

Smallest Bird: Humming Bird

Smallest Joint: Stapes

Smallest Bone: Stapes or Stirrup

Lowest Point: Dead Sea


Brightest Planet: Venus

Planet closest to earth: Venus

Hottest Planet: Venus

Coldest Planet: Neptune

Most Populous country: China

Most Populous Muslim country: Indonesia

Language with most Alphabets: Khmer (Cambodian)

Oldest Civilization: Sumerian (Mesopotamian)

Country with most Islands: Indonesia


Highest Lake: Titicaca

Highest Mountain Range: Himalaya

Highest Mountain Peak: Mount Everest

Highest Waterfall: Angel Falls

Highest Point: Mount Everest

Plateau with highest Elevation: Tibetan Plateau

Tallest Animal: Giraffe

Tallest Tree: Redwood

Tallest Building: Burj Al-Khalifa


First Person to reach North Pole: Robert Edwin Peary

First Person to reach South Pole: Roald Amundsen

First man to walk on the Moon: Neil Armstrong

First Satellite in Space: Sputnik I

First human to journey into Outer Space: Yuri Gagarin

First woman in Space: Valentina Tereshkova

First Person to reach both Poles: Robert Swan

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