Number of Jamarat in hajj is:

A. 3

B. 4

C. 5

D.  2


There are three Jamarat which are known as: 

1. Jamarah al-Aqaba or Jamarah al-Kubra (the big pillar) 

2. Jamarah al-Wusta (the medium or middle pillar)

3. Jamarah al-Ula or al-Sugra (the small pillar)

The distance between the first and second pillars is about 150 metres and the distance between the second and third pillars is about 120 metres.

The Jamarat indicate the three places where Shaytan tried to dissuade Ibrahim S from carrying out the divine instruction that he had received. Therefore, the pillars are not the actual Shaytan as some are led to believe, but mark the places where Ibrahim was tested by the whisperings of Shaytan.

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