Who is Nabih Berri?

A. Prime Minister of Lebanon

B. Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon

C. President of Lebanon

D. None of these


Nabih Berri is a Lebanese Shia politician who has been serving as Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon since 1992. He heads the Amal Movement. Veteran politician Nabih Berri has been reelected Lebanon’s parliament speaker for the seventh time in a row, holding onto his record as the longest-serving head of a legislative assembly in the Arab world. Berri, a member of Lebanon’s Shia community, has maintained the position thanks to the 1989 Taif Agreement, which established a power-sharing deal among the country’s largest religious sects, the Christians, Sunnis, and Shias. Under the agreement, Christians hold the country’s presidency, Sunnis take the prime ministry, while Shias get the parliament speakership.

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