Who becomes the first woman to lead the UN telecom agency?

A. Stormi Webster
B. Hailey Bieber
C. Doreen Bogdan-Martin
D. Cassandra Marino


Correct Answer: C. Doreen Bogdan-Martin

Detail About MCQs

Doreen Bogdan-Martin was elected on 29 September 2022, as the first woman to lead the UN’s telecom agency in its 157-year history, with the US contender beating a Russian rival to the post. Bogdan-Martin will become the next secretary general of the International Telecommunication Union, which plays an important global role in setting the technical standards underlying mobile phones, television, and the internet. She claimed a landslide 139-25 victory over Russia’s former deputy telecoms minister Rashid Ismailov in an election among the ITU’s member states at a conference in Bucharest. “Today, we made history. After 157 years, we shattered the glass ceiling,” she said.

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