Who is the first female Poet of Balochistan?

A. Banadi Baloch

B. Banuk Banul Dashtyri

C. Gahar Malik

D. Rabbia Khuzdari


Rabia Khuzdari was the first Baloch poetess of Persian language. She belonged to Makran, Balochistan. There were many persian poets who were contemporary to Rabia Khuzdari. These included: Rodki Samargandi, Shaheed Balkhi, Dageagi and Abu Shakoor. However, it is unfortunate that there is a derth of research material on Rabia Khuzdari. It is due to which many people are unaware of her name. One reason of this unavalability of material is the conservative nature of Baloch society in which it was uncommon to mention women names in history writing. Despite this, her name has been mentioned in few ancient Persian books. One of the most ancient books on Persian language and rules in which her name is mentioned is "Al-Mauajam", written by Shams Qais bin Razi. Similarly, there is another authentic book, "Lubab al Lubab", authored by Mohammad Aufi, in which Rabia Khuzdari's name has been mentioned

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