How many provincial and national assembly members have joined PTIP to support Pervez Khattak's leadership?

a) 47
b) 57
c) 67
d) 77


A significant number of provincial and national assembly members, totaling 57, have joined PTIP to support Pervez Khattak’s leadership. 

Notable members include Ishtiaq Armar, Ziaullah Bangash, Ghazan Jamal, Agha Gandapur, Ahtesham Javed, Akbar, and Ahmed Hussain Shah.

Additionally, Falak Naz, Ibrahim Khattak, Asiyah Asad, Malik Javed, and Arbab Waseem have also joined PTIP.

Former chief minister Mehmood Khan is among the prominent figures included in the ranks of the newly formed party.
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